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  • Geospatial Integration of National Database

  • Geoenrichment of Data for Valuation, Feasibility, and Consultancy.

  • Advanced Locational Analysis & Market Studies

  • GIS 4.0 - Prescriptive and Predictive

  • Strategic Consulting Services

Beginning in early 2020, VerraGroup and Provident VA have successfully implemented an advanced suite of geospatial analysis software and migrated components of the Verragroup national commercial real estate database into an in-house geospatial environment. 

Databases from commercial market sectors have been integrated and layered with live data from Esri, Environics Analytics, as well as other sources of big data and bespoke data, so that we’re able to better understand market behaviours and trends, provide our clients with sound valuation analysis, and when required, predictive and prescriptive solutions. 

Provident VA and Verragroup are committed to the concept of GIS 4.0, which goes beyond dots on a map and leverages our experience and commercial market data with the full power of twenty-first century geospatial technology. To quote Esri, this approach allows us to see what others do not. 

This approach has proven very beneficial and enlightening for the senior accommodation and multi-residential sectors, where development trends are influenced by demographics, household income and behavioral trends. 

Central Health Median Age 2021.jpg

In addition to enhancement of our more typical valuation services, we're now able to offer tailored and specialized services to out clients, including the following: 

 - Advanced location and site selection services that employ metrics such as drive-time analysis, walk-time analysis, void analysis, commute time, commute cost, income and household trends, market segmentation, competitor analysis, etc. 

 - Feasibility and demographic analysis based upon population, housing, behavioral, and income based trends within spatial zones that may be as small as a collection of streets, as large as an entire province, and everything in between. 

- Strategic market analysis and consultancy services using Prizm market segmentation from Environics Analytics.

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